Summer Rhee-Pizano, PT, LAc, is an Acupuncturist with a difference!

Trained and Licensed in Acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also with deep roots and experience in Western Medicine as a Licensed Physical Therapist, she is truly a unique healthcare professional, providing a combination of a Western and Eastern philosophy in her practice. A licensed Physical Therapy since 1994, Summer has worked in Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Out-Patient Orthopedic clinics, and specialized in Geriatric care for 5 years. Through these varied work settings, she was immersed in the ways of Western Medicine practice, procedure, testing, labs, pharmaceuticals, and surgical treatments. However, understanding that there was more to Wellness than treating just the physical body, Summer became a Licensed Acupuncturist in 2003.

Summer offers the best of both worlds of Medicine--she understands your Diagnosis or health concern in the Western paradigm, but then integrates it into Traditional Chinese Medicine thinking and treatment techniques. She truly brings a unique perspective of East and West in treatment to her clients. She is an expert in assessing your physical pain/injury. She has a keen understanding of anatomy and can really help uncover the root of your pain. Summer also has vast experience and knowledge in areas such as Women's Health issues/Fertility, Insomnia, Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, stress), and Digestion.

Summer LOVES her work and sincerely gets excited about helping people achieve better health and an improved quality of life!


"I am so thrilled to have discovered Summer Rhee-Pizano..."

- Helenc C, Patient.

"She has an amazing approach which combines the skills of physical therapy, acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as her ability to really understand and visualize my discomfort and physical challenges. Four years after breaking my pelvis I had become very limited in my flexibility and rotation of the hip. My posture had become particularly bad - I stooped rather than stood upright and experienced difficulties moving from a sitting to a standing position. Summer has helped me to regain my posture and improve the rotation and flexibility of my hip. Her ability to understand and visualize my problems has resulted in her being able to make such a difference when treating me. My previous physical therapists had so little to offer and really did not seem to have any inspiration or desire to really fix my problems!"

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