What Summer's Clients Are Saying:

“Crosswinds has been so crucial in my recovery after my back injury.  Summer, the acupuncturist/PT, is amazing.  Her commitment to learning my unique pain and knowledge has been unlike any other PT that I have been to.  I feel much better now, and I am grateful to her. Combining Eastern and Western medicine is an interesting style.  She is adept at both and seems like she uses one or the other style more based upon what the client presents.  Overall, just a helpful friendly person, and I have no hesitation to recommend Crosswinds.” Robert M.

"Summer is a healer who is knowledgeable in both Western and Chinese medicine. Trained both as a physical therapist and acupuncturist she truly has a wholistic perspective. After dealing with a chronic leg problem for 2 years, I was very frustrated that the medical professionals I had consulted couldn't tell me what the underlying problem was and I had become discouraged about the possibility of ever walking pain-free ever again. My experience with Summer changed all of that. She took the time to explore my history and examine my leg carefully. She was gentle and responsive to my questions and concerns. After following her suggestions and only 3 visits, I'm happy to say that my leg is already much better. I look forward to resuming hiking in the near future". Sylvia B.

"Summer gave me one of the most powerful acupuncture sessions in my life, and I've had some really great ones!  She inserted a needle in one point and I felt intense heat release and rise up through my torso.  I told her and she was glad to hear this since what I experienced was the result she was hoping for. Thanks Summer!" Esther F.

“Summer is the best PT I have ever had!  I cannot say enough about her expertise and ability.  When I first went to her I had been struggling with a shoulder injury and had constant pain and swelling even though it had been several months since I injured it.  Within the first 2 sessions she made the swelling completely go away, and helped me understand the nature of my injury significantly more than my past doctor visits had.  She gave me extremely effective exercises to rehabilitate my shoulder.  Perhaps even more importantly, she helped to restore functionality through various techniques to get the muscles and joints working together properly again.   I believe her high level of competency helped make my recovery go as fast as possible.  If you have an injury, I highly recommend letting her assist you in your healing process.” Jeff R.

"Even though we've moved away from Santa Cruz, I will always remember the help that you gave me when half of my body went numb from an offset neck vertebrae. I still remember the techniques/exercises that you taught me to help correct and relieve the stress problems that I have in my neck. I still give myself trouble sometimes when I work a long day and forget to maintain a good posture; however, with my memory of your help and guidance, I've learned to heal my injuries at night. Thank you, Summer, for your wisdom, compassion, and great healing abilities!" Edward L.

"I saw Summer about 3-4 weeks ago for several acupuncture and PT appointments. I had difficulty finding an acupuncturist who would see me asap to help with my IT band problem which was swelling up my knee and I also had a Baker's cyst. Summer answered my call and she was willing to see me the same day. I also developed a popliteal tendon problem that she helped me to diagnose and treat. Thank you Summer for being readily available to help me. Also, your knowledge of the human body is astounding. I am pretty much fully healed from my injuries and back to playing tennis and exercising. I highly recommend her and am sure I will return to see her again when needed. Once again, thank you for being there when I needed help". Kathy L.

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